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Research fields:Superconductivity, Micro/nano structures, Low-dimensional Electronic properties, Vortex Matter

Research Projects

●  Thermal and/or magnetic microscopes
●  Vortex Matter Confined in Mesoscopic Superconductors

Keywords : Mesoscopic Superconductors,Confinement,SQUID Microscope, Vortex-based Applications









●  Electronic Properties in Low Dimensional Supercondutors

Keywords : Thin (2D) crystals, Nanowies,Phase Slips,Localization, Supercondutor-Insulator Transition


●  Vortex Dynamics in Narrow Channels

Keywords : Vortex matter,Elastic Media,Friction,Dynamic Phase transitions


Selected Research Papers

●  Vortex Matter Confined in Mesoscopic Superconductors
  • Multi-vortex states in mesoscopic superconductors, OxfordhandbookOxford University Press (Preprint)
  • Commensurate and incommensurate vortex states in mesoscopic triangles (link)
  • Vortex shells in mesoscopic squares (link)
  • Vortex shells in mesoscopic disks (link) 
  • Pearl vortices (link
●  Vortex Dynamics in Narrow Channels
  • Sliced Vorte lattice in narrow channels detected by mode locking techniques(link
  • Commensurability and Jamming flow properties (link)
  • Quasi-one dimensional vortex flow (link
●  Vortex Dynamics
  • Orientation of driven vortex lattices in amorphous supercondutors detected by mode-locking technique (link)
  • Peak effect and dynamic melting of vortex lattice in 2H-NbSe2 single crystals (link
  • Peak effect and dynamic melting of vortex lattice in amorphous supercondutors(link
  • Hall effect and scaling relation in In granular films (link
  • Voltage noise induced by thermally induced vortices (link
Superconductor-Insulator Transition
  • Unusual inslating regime in In granular thin films (link
  • Anomaous magnetoresistance in amorphous thin films (link
Vortex Glass transition
  • Vortex glass transition in In films detected by rf impedance techniques (link

 Hall sign anomaly in amorphous supercondutors link

 Supercondutctivity in anealed IZO films (link) 



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